HSEQutive is a Health & Safety, Environment and Quality Management Systems Platform being offered in the form of a Software as a Service (SaaS), giving HSEQ professionals cloud-based tools and applications needed to facilitate the implementation of best HSEQ Management practices in their day-to-day operations.

HSEQutive is the result of a combination of HSEQ Management professionals with decades of field experience put together with a technical team of software engineers passionate for innovation and cutting edge technology.

HSEQutive provides various tools and applications for the management and control of

• Planning and Scheduling HSEQ Events
• Documentation Libraries
• Inspections & Audits
• Corrective Action Requests
• HSEQ Training
• Incident Reporting and Investigations and others…

All this, is being offered on a pay-per-use basis without incurring any initial capital investments and other routine maintenance costs for user.

Our foundations

We are lucky enough to be living at a time when HSEQ Management enjoys worldwide awareness, while also having incredible Technological Power at our disposal.

Our Philosophy is simple

We believe in putting these two ingredients together and produce a robust HSEQ Management platform available to HSEQ Professionals around the globe to effortlessly improve efficiency, protect their workers, and preserve our environment.

Our Mission is direct

We are here to create, develop and facilitate the implementation of innovative, user friendly configurable HSEQ Management cloud based solutions in line with international, industry & client specific needs and other legal requirements.

Our Vision is clear

We strive to become a market leader and the preferred HSEQ Managements Solutions Provider delivering value added compliance management solutions to modern corporate HSEQ Executives around the World.

We shall succeed by

• Keeping a close professional relation with our Clients in order to understand and continually satisfy their requirements.
• Keeping ourselves updated with HSEQ International/Industry Standards and Legal Requirements.
• Keeping ourselves ahead with innovations and cutting edge technologies
• Sharing field and management experiences to generate value added solutions for the interest of HSEQ compliance
• Continually improve on our HSEQ Solutions to increase accessibility, efficiency and accuracy to real-time company level data for HSEQ Executives.



HSEQutive enjoys a proven track-record in the Construction industry, while also being endorsed and highly recommended by the MDA – Malta Developers Association.


HSEQutive’s first ever launch was within the Maritime industry and today enjoys the confidence of HSEQ consultants working in on-shore and off-shore maritime around the world.


HSEQutive has been brilliantly customised and configured to serve the needs of the hospitality industry. Build your own checklists, send corrective action requests, measure KPIs.

Oil & Gas

HSEQutive was inspired by Health & Safety, Environmental & Quality management within renowned multinational companies in the Oil & Gas Industry, where safety, environmental and quality management are of paramount importance.


If your industry is not listed here, we’d like to get in touch with you to demonstrate how HSEQutive is a versatile platform that can be easily adjusted to suit your industry’s needs.


Core Module

Create and manage projects, locations, users and generate notifications and reports presented in lists and graphical statistics.

Inspection Checklist Module

Create your own configurable checklists and follow them on-the-go. Snap photos and add comments while on-site.

Corrective Action Request Module

Automate the triggering of CARs for non-conforming conditions while conducting inspections on your projects in real-time. Read more...

Incident Report Module

Whether it is a near-miss, or a fatal accident, it needs to be reported and documented efficiently allowing you to investigate, and track your workforce safety performance.

Training Module

The training matrix allows you to keep track of personnel and their safety abilities. Schedule and track training to stay on top of the HSEQ game.

HSEQ Event Planner

The training matrix allows you to keep track of personnel and their safety abilities. Schedule and track training to stay on top of the HSEQ game.

HSE Risk Assessments

The training matrix allows you to keep track of personnel and their safety abilities. Schedule and track training to stay on top of the HSEQ game.



(For Construction Industry in Malta)

CNF/ New Project: EUR 150.00c

Inspection Report: EUR 1.50c each.

150 / CNF

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Key People

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Patrick Parnis

Chief Operations Officer

Patrick is the brain and founder of HSEQutive. With over twenty years’ experience in HSEQ Management, Patrick has the expertise and ability to implement the full range of International Management Systems Standards. Read More...


Alan Darmanin

Chief Technical Officer

Having a plethora of successfully devlivered IT projects under his belt, Alan Darmanin brings to HSEQutive the necessary experience required to lead the company‘s technical department.


Inspections/Audit Checklist & Report

This module allows for the creation of company own specific Health & Safety, Quality and Environmental management inspections and audit checklists assisting companies to confirm compliance to internal, customer, market, legal and other requirements irrespective of the type of industry, size or complexity of the organisation.The CAR module (see link) is integrated in Checklist which automatically generates notifications and captures the related statistical data.

Checklists can also be configured to easily select already set non-conforming act/conditions completing your appraisal exercise in a more user friendly and complete with a couple of clicks.

Corrective Action Request

The Corrective Action Request application is a robust and versatile solution involving a 3 step process covering the complete CAR management cycle as follows:

Step 1 - Initiate and Communicate corrective action requests
Step 2 - Reply and Take Action on corrective action requests
Step 3 - Follow up & Closure of corrective action requests

The CAR Module is a robust application for the management and control of Health & Safety, Quality and Environmental non-conforming conditions giving HSEQ Executives one integrated CAR system.

Corrective Action Requests may be initiated through various channels such as:

The CAR module allows you to take pictures or upload files on the go. Pictures or documents are uploaded as a form of objective evidence of non-conforming act/situation or as proof of corrective actions taken.

The CAR Module also goes on with notifying the responsible person for taking corrective actions and continues to monitor the implementation progress up to closing out of each CAR. The application also presents Key Performance Indicators related to :

Incident Reporting and Investigation

This module deals with the reporting and investigations of incidents. The system provides for recording the dynamics and findings of the incident leading one to attempt in identifying the real root cause.

The incident report is sent to the HSEQ Executive who in turn reviews and provides the necessary guidelines and way forward.

The Incident Reporting solution is provides graphical representation of various key performance indicators such as Lost Time Incident Rates, Days/Hours without Lost Time Incident and others.

Training Module

Our Training application provides a robust solution for the control of all aspects of HSEQ Training from :

The Training application allows for the development of a training matrix addressing the HSEQ training needs for various positions/designations within the organisation.

The solution caters for the development of internal and external training sessions/courses defining training program outline, objectives, target audience, duration, trainer and location.

The application also facilitates the scheduling process or training programs onto the Training Calendar where Trainers and Locations are booked, and participants are automatically issued with a Training Invitation listing the training subject, location, service provide and seat reservation number.

Once the Training Calendar is set, the system is ready for issuing Training Invitations to newly engaged employees and relevant participant’s seat will be automatically booked with the training location.

The Training Module also provides for the development of post training test exercise which serves as an assurance of knowledge transfer and awareness levels of new employees. This is a simple multiple choice test which easily configurable to anyone’s needs.

Event Calendar

The Event Calendar module is a user friendly application allowing HSEQ Executives to plan, book resources, announce, monitor, and keep record of all routine and non-routine HSEQ events.

The idea of this application is for facilitating the scheduling of resources and announcements of various HSEQ Events throughout the year such as the following to name a few:

The system will assist HSEQ Executives to announce the department’s calendar of events with a couple of clicks and in no time. The system facilitates the setting of recurring events at one go.

Once events are set on the calendar, the system is programmed to notify the assigned responsible person, book event locations and invite the people required to attend for the event through e-mail notification.

The calendar application also provides for reporting the progress of event where the assigned responsible person will report progress and provide feedback of the event. HSEQ Executives can monitor the progress of each event throughout the year/project.

The platform also provides detailed graphical statistics of Key Performance Indicators and other important company level data in real time.

Patrick Parnis

Chief Operations Officer

Patrick is the brain and founder of HSEQutive.  With over twenty years’ experience in HSEQ Management, Patrick has the expertise and ability to implement the full range of International Management Systems Standards. Patrick has operated at both operational and strategic level, delivering effective Quality, Health and Safety, and Environmental improvement programs in various organisations.

Patrick is an accomplished professional consultant specializing in facilitating the implementation of high-level HSEQ Management Systems. Whether in the manufacturing, automotive, construction, oil and gas, marine, project management, services, or other sectors, Patrick has actively led HSEQ culture in various organizations and has the leadership strengths to implement HSEQ Management Practices all the way from the board through to operations.