micro data. big insight.

Big data tells you what your customers did. Live, real-time, small data tells you what your customers' are doing today and what they want and will be buying tomorrow.

Capture and consolidate your live data, from multiple sources, and instantly view key insights to drive your business forward.

Do you have the Intelligence?

your data. your insight. your advantage... simple.

Data is analysed in real-time and made available to you with key insights and clear, concise, actionable reporting.

Information is presented to your sales department, marketing, finance, management, in simple and intelligent formats. Key opportunities identified and highlighted allowing you to precisely target and leverage each advantage with immediate effect.

Our interactive touch-screen devices, either manned or fully automated and stand-alone, will continually capture core market and customer information. Proven to increase your sales opportunities by over 30%.

Enrich your customer's experience and fulfil their requirements before they realise they have the need!

Working with Simply Intelligent has re-energised both our sales and our marketing teams and restored our faith in event marketing. We have a constant, real-time flow of information from our experiential events and, furthermore, the clarity of our distributed reports, with just the information required for each department, is awesome! Probably the best tool we get to use! Thanks, guys.”

  • features
  • Real-time availability of your collected data
  • Formatted and prioritised actionable sales reports
  • Instant access to event reports and statistics
  • Touch-screen kiosks, desktop units and hand-held devices
  • Badge scanning
  • Multi-language options available
  • Secure data capture & storage
  • benefits
  • Increase sales
  • Respond faster
  • Capture every lead at your event
  • Provide qualified leads to your sales staff
  • Real-time actionable data
  • Scalable solution for all event sizes
  • Set up within 15 minutes

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We're looking for a couple of talented techie developers...

Up for a challenge?  Feeling unloved?  Need a bit more omphh in life?
We're offering a diverse technical role covering new development, solution enhancement and hands-on deployment throughout the UK and Europe.
Are the answers; "Yes!", "Of course!", "Leave it with me for a few minutes, I'll be back to you..." right at the front of your vocabulary?  Great!  you're just the sort we're looking for!
Ability to travel freely and work unsociable hours are a bit of a prerequisite to the position, but you can be guaranteed a great time and brilliant working environment!
This is not a job for the faint hearted but if you enjoy a challenging, fast-paced and dynamic environment, come and talk to us...Now!